A visit to the Lama Geshe

Saturday, 12 April 2014 Today was a rest day in Pangboche. THe highlight of the day was a visit to see the Lama Geshe. The Lama Geshe is one of the most learned lamas in Nepal. We visited him at his personal home on a hillside above Pangboche. His friendship with Jim goes back for decades. Jim was honored to help his son, Jigme, attend college and graduate school in the U.S. At 82, the Lama Geshe is one of the few remaining lamas who were educated in Tibet. He wrapped katas around each of us, tied a colored string around our necks and blessed rice for each of us to carry with us. In the event of danger, we are to cast the rice towards the hazzard. Shane asked for an extra portion. The Lama Geshe then talked about some of the basic tenets of his studies. Because he speaks only Tibetan, his son-in-law (himself a lama), translated for us. He encouraged us all to seek happiness within ourselves, not from external belongings. He related a story about water falling over a rock. Although the water calls to the passerby to come and quench their thirst, the person must act to go to the water. The water will not come to them. He also offered up the following wish: "Give up from your heart all intentions to harm others. And do your best to benefit them all. If each and everyone feels the Universal Responsibility to do so, we will all enjoy the feast of Peace." As before, I left the Lama Geshe's presence contemplating his thoughts. The afternoon was cold with persistent snow. Most of the group grabbed naps, read and updated blogs. In the evening, we had tea at the home of Nima Tashi Sherpa, our expedition sirdar. Tomorrow, we take a fairly short walk up to Dengboche, about 1,000 ft higher. Lots of love to our family and friends. Posted by: Scott Williams Blogs by other members of the expedition Shane - http://HeartHealthyEverestClimb2014.blogspot.com Steve - http://Wetumpka2Everest.blogspot.com Jeff - http://www.highpeakadventures.com/high_peak_adventures/web_log/web_log.html

On the way to Lama Geshi... spinning prayer wheels for good luck and success

Scott bumping heads with Lama Geshi

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