Final packing underway

Jim and Scott are busy loading boxes of supplies, food and electronic gear. We bought lots of food items and condiments that aren't available in Nepal. One of the challenges of operating for an extended time in a remote location is keeping the menu interesting and (somewhat) familiar for clients. We just received new radios and a rather large antenna for base camp. They are now packed for the trip. When we arrive in Kathmandu, we will pick up more solar power panels, controllers and batteries. On Monday, a series of 50-pound boxes be sent to LAX, to await Jim's departure on the 29th. He will pick them up as he swings through the airport. The boxes have to be stout. On arrival in Lukla, most of them will be loaded onto yaks and carried directly up to Everest Base Camp. While yaks may be very strong, they are not very gentle with cargo. Leaving electronics or food on the trail is in very bad form. Everyone is getting psyched for the trip to begin. Keep following us for more updates!

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