Happy Nepal New Year 2071

Monday, 14 April 2014 Today is the Nepali new year of 2071. For us, it literally started with a crash. Jetha was bringing a pitcher of hot tea to us and the bottom fell out. The glass inner liner smashed on the floow. While he was shocked, the rest of us shouted "Happy New Year." We took an easy three-hour walk up to Chhukung. This route took us off of the main trail up to Everest Base Camp. It allowed for a more moderate elevation gain, helping to avoid problems. After a week of yak trains, porters and trekkers, it was nice to be somewhat on our own. During the walk, the weather declined a bit and snow flurries started falling. Our lodge was a pleasant surprise. It was almost new. It had comfortable seating in the tea room. The individual rooms were lined with luan plywood with an LED light. Best of all ... new toilets. We now define luxury in different terms. In the late afternoon, the snow picked up for several hours. It was nice to be sitting near a yak dung stove. Yak dung is the dominant fuel around here. It is a mixed blessing. It brings needed warmth, but it comes with an acrid smoke. Tomorrow, depending on the weather, we will hike over the Kong Ma La (la = pass). Lots of love to our family and friends. Posted by: Scott Williams Blogs by other members of the expedition Shane - http://HeartHealthyEverestClimb2014.blogspot.com Steve - http://Wetumpka2Everest.blogspot.com Jeff - http://www.highpeakadventures.com/high_peak_adventures/web_log/web_log.html

This way to Chhukung

Short walk in the park past potato fields

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