Here is yesterday’s news from tomorrow

I just received this email transmission from several days ago. Clearly the dispatches they tried to send en route got hung up. That must be why they called from the summit. <br /><br />Jim says, "We were up at 5 am in Nabire to start flying into Base Camp. We had a great sunrise flight to the refueling spot. That flight took about about 1 hour compared to the 6 hours it would have taken to drive. From the refueling stop we divided into 2 groups. Denny, Steve and Tracy flew in first then Robie, Martin and I flew in on a second flight. En route, the jungle gave way to spectacular jagged limestone mountains. Our base camp is located right at the base of the climb. We will start the climb at 3 am with hopes of reaching the summit around 9-10 in the morning. We have a beautiful night here after a day of hard rain. We hope tomorrow will be dry to the summit.<br /><br />All are thinking of family and friends over this Thanksgiving weekend.<br /><br />Be well all.<br /><br />(This photo is from an archived trip to the Carstensz region)

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