Return to the Lama Geshe

Monday, 28 April 2014 The lodge in which we stayed was operated by Tashi Sherpa, the daughter of the Lama Geshe. Her husband is Lama Sange, who was formerly pursuing a monastic education in India. After breakfast, we all walked up to visit the Lama Geshe. He asked questions about our perspectives on the Everest disaster and its aftermath. As always with this deeply learned man, his questions provoke ongoing discussions about personal motivations and positive purposes. He blessed several sets of prayer beads for us, gave Jim a new amulet, and renewed his blessings over the amulet he gave me five years ago. As Jim gets closer to his auspicious 60th birthday, the Lama Geshe also gave him several acts of compassion to do because he was born in the year of the horse. While some are easy, (e.g., giving money for trail maintenance), it will be interesting to see if he is able to find 100 live fish to release in Kathmandu. We shared a lunch potato pancakes in Lama Geshe's home. These are one of Jim's favorite foods. Potatoes are grated into a mash and then cooked in a hot pan. When ready, they are slathered in butter and a fresh green onion / pepper paste. They taste terrific, but leave your fingers a bit slippery (no forks). In the afternoon, we prepared pay envelopes for all our staff. We piles of cash, both Nepali and USD, spread around as we did the payroll. Each staff member received wages, equipment allowances and tip bonus. We also included expedition patches and phone cards in each envelope. Throughout the process, Ang Phurba, Nima Tashi's wife kept appearing with tea, juice, Coke and beer. Each time, she would say, "Shei shei!" (drink more). You quickly learn to leave your cup full, lest it be immediately refilled. Tomorrow is pay day for the staff and then we head to Namche. Lots of love to our family and friends. Posted by: Scott Williams Please consider providing support for dead and injured Sherpa: Blogs by other members of the expedition Shane - Steve - Jeff -

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