June 17th – Williams Team Caches-13,500′

Pictured above: Windy Corner


Jim called in the dispatch and reported that Gary, Roger and Steve carried a load of equipment and supplies to a cache site at 13,500′. Immediately out of camp the team began ascending Motorcycle Hill, which gains approximately 1000′, then they tackled Squirrel Hill before cresting onto the relatively moderate terrain of the Polo Fields. Then it was more elevation gain up and around Windy Corner, a prominent feature on the West Buttress route that is know for its windy conditions! The cache site is a short distance beyond Windy Corner.


Jim and Steve have made the difficult decision to descend to Base Camp. Jim will assist a climber from another team back to Base Camp, as well. Gary and Roger will continue the climb.


Listen to the audio of Jim Williams satellite dispatch call into Mountain Trips »



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