June 22nd Williams Team to High Camp

Gary Falk called in from 17,200′, with a nicely detailed report on he and Roger’s climb up from 14,200′ this morning. They awoke early and sneaked out of camp ahead of all the other teams, which gave them a huge advantage of not having to wait for anyone who might be ahead of them, but moving a bit slower. The guys were cruising today! They shaved a full two hours off their time climbing up to their cache and enjoyed a crystal clear, warm day climbing the fun and engaging ridge the last 1000′ to their camp.   Mountain Trip has so many small teams on the mountain at the moment that Gary and Roger were able to climb the entire route to High Camp with relatively light loads, because our other teams were able to support them by caching a tent and kitchen equipment for them up at camp. This only added to the experience by allowing them to truly enjoy the fun climbing, rather than just get through it under the weight of monster packs.   The plan is to shoot for the summit tomorrow, if they both feel good and the weather dawns clear. Let’s think warm and calm thoughts for the team as they nestle in to bed for the night.  

Listen to Gary's satellite dispatch call »


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