The victor returns!!!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014<br /><br />Barbara returned to camp this afternoon, after a successful summit of Lobuche East (20,000+ ft). Her presence brightened an otherwise glum mood in camp.<br /><br />On Monday, Barbara, Nima Tashi and young Jetta (a porter) walked from EBC to Lobuche, reaching the mountain's high camp in the late afternoon. It was full so they backed up and made camp by a glacial lake. After a 3:00 a.m. wake-up call, Barbara and Nima Tashi headed up the mountain. As the sun rose, the temperature warmed up to the 30s F. Most of their climb, they secured themselves to fixed ropes with Jumars. About half-way to the summit, they put on their crampons. They reached the summit at 8:30 a.m. and enjoyed a splendid panorama of the surrounding peaks, including a clear view of Everest. They descended the mountain, recovered their gear from camp and reached a tea house/lodge at Thukla by mid-afternoon. As they returned to our camp at EBC today, cheering erupted from everyone. Congratulations, Barbara!<br /><br />Our dining tent now features a prominent sign for Ganley's Irish Bar in London. Frank Ganley and Martin were school friends from many years back. Martin promised to carry the bar's sign to the summit of Everest. With the cancellation of the season, the sign is now in the peak of our tent. Martin promised all of us will get a free pint of Guiness when we stop in Ganley's pub. We hope Frank will agree. <br /><br />Tomorrow, Steve and Martin will start their trek back down the valley. They hope to catch a helicopter from Pangboche to Kathmandu.<br /><br />Friday, Barbara, Shane and Jeff will begin the three-day trek to Lukla. From there, they will catch a small fixed-wing plane back to Kathmandu. Jeff is already dreaming of a detour to Laos on the way back to the States.<br /><br />Jim and I have already begun the process of cataloging gear and packing. Things are slowly unwinding.<br /><br />Lots of love to our family and friends.<br /><br />Posted by: Scott Williams<br /><br />Please consider providing support for dead and injured Sherpa:<br /><br />Blogs by other members of the expedition<br /><br />Shane -<br />Steve -<br />Jeff -<br /><br />

The view from the TOP!!!!

Nima Tashi and Barbara on top !!!

Barabara on TOP-where she belongs!!!

Ganley's Bar East.... Stop by and tell Frank Martin sent ya!!!!

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